Vencer was built in Brooklyn, to help up-and-coming streetwear brands create an immediate, living connection with like-minded people and future customers.

We are hunters of the collected, the rare, the make-you-stop-and-look.

Vencer are curators of a certain kind of street style that can’t be found just anywhere. We work with local artisans who push boundaries, reinvent classics and live for the craft.


Since our inception in 2012, we've attracted an audience of loyal style and culture enthusiasts located in major cities around the world. These digitally savvy seekers are active online shoppers, sharers and believers in supporting the local and hand-made. We've seen month-over-month growth of our site traffic since 2012.

The VENCER Blog and social accounts across Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter inspire conversations with friends and sharing of content. Our audience is hungry for fashion without the typical hype, and VENCER delivers just that. Our digital pop-up shops introduced never-before-seen products to our lovers of the new and next - and sold out within a matter of hours. 




There are many ways we can collaborate.

Product Distribution

Co-branded product lines

Editorial & Social features and promotion

Sponsored events and experiences

VENCER gets STICKY | June 2014
Sticky's Finger Joint, 33rd & 3rd
In anticipation of their second store in NYC, VENCER was invited to christen the finger joint with the first chicken finger dip in their fancy fryer. We drove thousands of impressions through high-quality editorials distributed online and through social channels. 


Nubian Meehan is the CEO and co-founder of Vencer, and the creative visionary behind the company. Nubian oversees the strategic and creative direction of the company, ranging from brand selection to content creation. He created the Vencer blog, which profiles the most authentic streetwear and menswear styles, and has built a loyal and growing audience.

Vencer - Mr Pixel.jpg

MR PIXEL is the CFO and co-founder of Vencer, and oversees Vencer’s business and financial operations. MR PIXEL manages Vencer’s relationships with brands as well as its marketing strategy. MR PIXEL has spent his career as a venture capital investor in Internet, ecommerce and software companies.

We're building a community, a movement - join us.


Our previous successes have enabled us to continue growth online and off. In the next 6 months we will be launching a (hush-hush) new way of selling. We're selecting the brands and designers that best complement our next capsule collection. Through visually impressive editorials and entertaining interviews we will reveal these brands to our public - YOU could be one of the brands we feature.

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Vencer is moving fast, and looking for partners who are equally obsessed with fashion finesse and street sensibilities.

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