#JustCoppedIt: Human Made Special Book 2018 by Nigo

For the latest installment of Just Copped It we unboxed the 2018 Human Made Special Book—lookbook showcasing the latest collection of Human Made goods and special item—straight from Japan, with a complimentary canvas tote bag (or was the lookbook complimentary?). Enjoy!

Let's Talk: ComplexCon

Talking most things ComplexCon, what it means for the "culture", DJ Clark Kent giving away a pair of KAWS x Air Jordan 4 Friends & Family edition sneakers, sneaker collaborations, sneaker re-issues, being a #visionary, and more rambling chit-chats. Enjoy!

#JustCoppedIt: "Rarest wallabees ever made."

Yes, you read that correctly... This is one of the rarest Clarks Wallabees of all time (not including employee one-offs). Tune in to learn how I came across these not once, but TWICE!

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Flexing Ain't Easy...

Yes, this is exactly what it looks like; a leather pen holder. Why would anybody need a single pen holder? Because cool people carry lots of cool and somewhat unnecessary things and this is yet another knick knack that you’d expect a cool cat to have. You can’t tell me Nigo doesn’t have one of these in each of his custom Goyard bags… I don’t have one yet, mainly because I haven’t found the perfect pen to have on hand at all times, but the second I do I’m copping one of these and subtly flexing on whoever’s in my vicinity when I whip my pen out to sign a receipt at my local bodega. Pick one up for yourself here

"Just throw 'em in the freezer, bro."

Putting your raw denim in the freezer does NOT kill bacteria. It’s a cool theory, but the truth is there’s no way the freezer at your house is capable of reaching the temperature needed to kill bacteria; approximately -80 degrees fahrenheit. Your jeans might smell slightly fresher right when you take them out the freezer, but as soon as they heat up it’s back to Stinksville again my friend. The moral of this message is that you’re better off washing your jeans when they start to smell. You won’t ruin the denim, in fact, washing your jeans keeps them nice and healthy. Don’t listen to me though, I’m just some internet guy lolzies